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Helping female soccer players improve their fitness to  overcome injuries,

and out play their opponents through personal training and education 


Individual personal training services designed for the female soccer player. 

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Virtual personal training is a great option for those who have experience working out and are seeking guidance  with exercise prescription and progression. All programming in completed through the Train Heroic app and can be completed on your own time. 

Lifting Kettle Bell

Hybrid personal training is a great option for those who have some or no training experience but also would benefit from in person coaching. Workouts will be programmed on Train Heroic and the athlete will complete some exercises independently and some with the s supervision of a coach. 

Group Workout Session

Group training is a great option for off season and summer months to be able to complete training sessions with your teammates. Sessions will focus on a group lift or circuit training to improve fitness prior to the start of the seasons. Groups of 2-4 with optional individual additional programming. 

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