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My Mission

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

My mission is simple, help female soccer players improve their fitness to reduce risk of injuries, recover from injuries and out play their opponents.

My mission is multifactorial as it incorporates both building physical and mental strength within the female soccer community. Not only do we as women athletes need to be physically resilient, we need to be mentally resilient as well.

My goal is to empower young female soccer players to be the best soccer players and well-rounded young women they can be. I want to empower them to level up their game, inspire them to strive for goals they never thought possible, and most importantly advocate for themselves both on and off the field.

How will I fulfill my mission...

  1. Education is the most important part to fulfilling my mission

    1. Educating parents, coaches, and players regarding the importance of strength and conditioning in injury prevention and enhancing game play.

    2. Education regarding importance of proper rehabilitation when injury and not playing through injuries.

  2. Provide individualized and personalized strength and conditioning programs for players

    1. Programs are specific to the individual player and their goals

    2. Programs take into account, injury history, current position, current training schedule/season, and future career goals.

  3. Provide mindfulness and mindset training

    1. Success in sports depends as much on mental strength as it does on physical strength

    2. Instilling a growth mindset

    3. Learning how to take constructive criticism

  4. Advocate for women soccer players

    1. Provide education to high school and club coaches regarding the importance of strength training to reduce risk of injury

    2. Advocate for women's soccer programs to include off season and pre season training

Hands in on 3!

1, 2, 3! Let's put this mission to the test. Let's all do better for the next generation of women's soccer through education and proper training. Together we can shape the future of women's soccer!

Who's in?!

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