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All about SocHERfitness

What does SocHERfitness Provide?

SocHERfitness is here for YOU! We provide individualized strength and conditioning for the women's soccer community! Our focus is on enhancing fitness and providing proper education regarding how to appropriately incorporate strength training into your training routine. The goal is to help decrease risk of new injury, aide in rehabilitation from current injury, and allow you to improve strength to out play your opponents!

How is SocHERfitness different than other training programs?

SocHERfitness is different than your traditional soccer training program because we focus on overall fitness. We provide strength and conditioning to help decrease risk of injury, and improve fitness to out play opponents on the field. General strengthening is often overlooked with typical training programs focusing on field skills or speed training. While those are both necessary, we are leaving out a major part of how to improve our game, and that's through strengthening. We need strengthening to be able to build/train muscles that are needed to improve field skills and speed. We take into account your personal goals and aspirations to make you a better player. These programs are designed for you and your specific needs!

How is SocHERfitness designed?

  • Personalized online strength training for female soccer players

    • 24/7 access to your coach

    • Use of TrueCoach Platform

    • Education regarding proper strengthening as well as injury reduction

  • Training programs are designed based on the following...

    • Pre test assessment of fitness and agility

    • Age and exposure to strength training

    • Position primarily played

    • Access to equipment

    • Season (off,pre,in,post)

    • History of injuries

  • Online forms to allow players to discuss with each other, and myself, some of the hot topics around training and

Why Women's Soccer?

We have made the women's soccer community our primary focus because there is often a higher injury rate associated within this population. Women athletes are generally not exposed to strength training until they reach the collegiate level. Not many high school or club programs make this a priority and very rarely is it part of youth programs. Women athletes have a greater risk of injury and severity of injury compared to their male counterparts. Though a high injury rate is well known and regularly discussed it is rarely addressed through proper fitness training. The lack of exposure to strength training is putting these women at a deficit to growth of their game and missed opportunities at more competitive levels of play. Strength training in addition to field specific skills will help to enhance game play through increase in strength and neuromuscular control as well as decrease risk of injury and injury severity.

How to start getting involved in the SocHERfitness community?

There are a few ways to start to get involved!

  1. Follow @drchristinadpt on Instagram

    1. Check out the content, write comments and ask questions

    2. Send me an instagram DM introducing yourself

  2. Don't have an instagram thats ok! Check out Female Soccer Fitness Training on Facebook

    1. Check out the content, write comments and ask questions

    2. Send me an instagram DM introducing yourself

  3. Fill out the contact page on the home page located on the top center of this website

  4. Email me at

    1. Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to learn more about SocHERfitness

As always feel free to reach out with questions and together we can change the future of Women's soccer!!

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