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My name is Christina I am 27 and I am here to shape the future for women soccer players. I grew up playing soccer and have a passion for the game. I played on many different teams at many different levels throughout my youth and high school career. When I first started playing I was quick, agile, and fast which meant that I generally played outside wing. It was not until I was 13 that I found a more permanent role as the team's goal keeper. How I fell in to this role I do not exactly remember, other than there was an open opportunity, I was naturally good at it, and ran with it. My agility carried over into the skills needed to succeed as a goalkeeper and became the starting keeper for my high school team and shared this role with a teammate on my club team(s). Now I am only 5' 3" which is on the shorter side for most keepers. To improve on my skills I attended many different goal keeper camps and clinics every chance I had.

Despite all the training I was missing something, something I could not quite identify, ended up burning out, and decided to not pursue soccer any further when I entered college.

I always had a passion for soccer and told my self one day I would get back to playing, but I swore I would never play goal keeper again. I did end up playing on my colleges club team my senior year as well as in intramural games throughout grad school, but never as a keeper.

Fast forward to 2019, and I am graduate with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I chose physical therapy to be able to work with athletes and help them recover from injuries and return to playing the sports they love.

One of my clinical internships had a heavy focus on incorporating strength and conditioning training into physical therapy. That internship single handedly changed my life, even for reasons beyond this story. I learned so much about how strength training can improve performance across all sports, at all age levels, help decrease risk of injury, and more importantly help the athlete become physical and mentally strong and resilient.

Now they say hindsight is 20/20 and wow, are "they" correct. Reflecting back on my soccer career I could finally identify the missing piece, the piece that would have elevated my game and set me above the rest; strength and conditioning training. Again, I was a good goal keeper with good agility, strategy, and knowledge of the position, but I could have been a great goal keeper if I was stronger and more physically fit. If I had a program that focused on developing power and strength maybe I would have been able to jump higher, recover faster off the ground, and have my goal kicks go further. Those were my weaker areas and no matter how many camps and clinics I went to I always hit a plateau and did not realize I needed to just become more physically fit for the position. At the same time I did not have anyone (coaches, parents, teammates etc..) telling me to do so either.

After living the rigorous youth soccer lifestyle for 15 years and now having a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification, I have made it my mission through SocHER Fitness to help young women soccer players enhance their game play by improving their fitness to better over come injuries and out play their opponents. I am here to help shape the future of women's soccer through education, empowerment and enhancing physical fitness. If the above story sounds like something you have experienced please reach out and let's talk! Together we can change the future of women's soccer.

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